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Monday, January 26, 2015

CD11... Ovulation approaching already??

Well... I wasn't lucky enough to escape influenza.  I started running a fever on Sunday morning and ended up in acute care.  I am traveling later in the week and wanted to get some Tamaflu as soon as possible so I could start feeling better fast!!   This is my last week at home while my kids are at daycae full time.  Today I spent looking for potty training books to give them along with their new potty chairs and training undies.  It is hard to believe they are already old enough to be ready for potty training?!  Where has the time gone?!?  Ugh!

I have had some interesting things happening with my OvaCue readings.  When we were trying for the twins, our RE always talked about timing.  For some people it doesn't seem to matter.  They can have sex one time at a supposedly low fertile time of the month and still get pregnant.  For us, it is always going to come down to the perfect timing.  That is EXACTLY why I decided to start using the OvaCue.  I am wondering if I am ovulating earlier then what it feels like.  I have what I think is ovulation pains on CD 13, 14 or 15 EVERY month so I guess I assume that is ovulation.  However, we aren't getting pregnant.  If I am ovulating earlier than I think... then we are missing our window and just BDing for FUN!!!  HA!  I am so interested to see how this month plays out!

My oral cue peak was recognized on CD10 and my fertile window was populated.  It is predicting ovulation (my dark blue day) for CD14, just as I would expect.  However, my vaginal readings have already started to drop, so ovulation could happen earlier than expected!  Prior to ovulation, my vaginal readings will drop, which indicates that estrogen levels are dropping as my body gets ready for ovulation.  Once ovulation occurs, you will see a sudden increase in vaginal reading indicating increase in progesterone that occurs after ovulation has occurred.  So.... lucky for my hubby... my vaginal readings are on the decrease so I am considering myself fertile!  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CD 7... Influenza sucks!

I got a call from daycare yesterday that B (my baby girl) was running a fever and not acting like herself.  Since there were 2 other kiddos in her room that have been diagnosed with influenza, I took her into the doctor to make sure... INFLUENZA!!  GRRR.... So, my sweet little girl has been at home with me all day.  She is running a low grade fever, but seems like herself otherwise.  We spent the morning eating breakfast, taking a bath, modeling some new clothes, going to the grocery store and eating lunch.  She is napping now and I am catching up on some work.  I know it is all relative, but it is so relaxing to just have ONE kid at home!!!  There is just not the chaos that goes along with having both of them here.  However, it is clear how much they miss each other.  I get messages from the girls at daycare that J (my baby boy) is asking about her constantly and seems to be waiting for her to come in the door.  She asked to sleep with his blankie for nap time... I love the bond they share!  I wouldn't trade that bond for the "simplicity" of having just one of them!!  Such a blessing!

My oral reading today was on the decline, and I am hoping that tomorrow's reading will confirm my oral cue peak trend.  The monitor did turn today a light blue color.  My vaginal readings are still elevated indicating that estrogen is still high. 

We will see what tomorrow brings!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

CD 6.... started vaginal readings...

My oral readings are continuing to rise... hoping to see a drop over the next couple days to indicate that a dominant follicle has been selected.  Took my first vaginal reading this afternoon and it is extremely high, which is normal.  High vaginal readings = high progesterone/low estrogen.... since it is prior to ovulation it would be indicative of low estrogen levels. 

I reworked the pages in the blog and will start posting my graphs under my blog posts to make it easier for you!! 

Back to budgeting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CD 5....

Of course the first month using my OvaCue can't go by the books.  Early Sunday morning I woke up and threw up at 3:30am.  I went into the basement to hopefully avoid getting everyone sick.  Needless to say, I missed my oral reading on CD3.  I don't think it will impact my readings this month because CD3 would be really early to see my cue peak trend... for me.  I am currently waiting for to see my CUE PEAK trend in my oral readings.  The "cue peak" trend is a high oral reading followed by two lower oral readings.  This coincides with the selection of the dominant follicle.  Once this trend is detected, the monitor would populate out my fertile window.  We know that once that dominant follicle is selected, ovulation occurs within 5-7 days.  I am still experiencing some spotting, so I have not started my vaginal readings yet. 

Aside from starting the OvaCue this month... not a lot going on!  I am enjoying my "staycation" of not working and still having full-time daycare for the twins. My list of things to do around the house started building up in the months leading up to me quitting my full-time job (hence the reason I quit!).  I am whittling away at my list and getting some much needed "me time"!  As much as I LOVE all of this time to myself, I am ready to start having the twins home  with me full time!  I still have some big projects to get done - finalizing our house plans, balancing the checkbook, putting together our budget, getting our 2014 tax info together, organizing our pictures and putting together the twins' 1 and 2 year photo books ;)  I only have a week and a half left.... I need to get moving!!!! 

My oral cue peak trend should appear in the next couple days and I also hope to start my vaginal readings in the next couple days... interested to see how this cycle goes.  I found out that my new insurance covers fertility treatments prior to any inseminations and transfers.  That is a huge relief!  We didn't have to do any inseminations with the twins because it wouldn't have been a benefit in our situation, so all of the medications, office visits and ultrasounds would be covered this go round.  I am crossing my fingers that we are able to do this the easy way this time around!! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

CD1... Officially one year.

January marks one year of "not  trying", so I guess we are back to actually trying now.  I am really trying not to get back to the place where my every emotion hinges on how the month goes and what cycle day I am on.  That is one of the hardest things to do.  Especially right now....

We are approaching what would've been my due date for the angel we said good-bye to in June.  I would be nearing the end of that pregnancy as my due date was February 10.  I have so many mixed emotions right now and am trying to sort it out... that is exactly what this blog is for, correct?? 

I recently resigned from my job and am not a stay at home mommy for my 2 year old twins!!  As a gift to me, my hubby gave me a month at home while the kids stayed in daycare.  I have been getting so much done around the house in preparation for being home full time, but also just catching up on some much needed me time!  I am absolutely looking forward to getting to spend every day with them.  Time has been going way too fast and I really feel like I need more time with them. 

Back to the TTC..... I was almost positive that this month was it!  I put off using my fertility monitor yet another month because I was convinced it was just going to happen again.  I was wrong.  I just replaced the batteries in my OvaCue and we are going to be back at it starting tomorrow!  I have concerns that something isn't right with my hormones, or my lining, or my entire cycle in general.  I don't know how long my husband is going to be able to keep me out of the RE's office.  My insurance covers any infertility treatment up to any sort of insemination or embryo transfer, so I am not as hesitant to make an appointment to get things re-checked out.  I will give it a couple more months of lower stress living and monitoring my cycle with the OvaCue to see if that helps at all.  Maybe charting will give me a little more insight... hopefully it is just coming down to timing! 

I will be posting my daily readings and interpreting along the way!   Feels weird to be back in this place again.  Completely different from when we were trying for the twins.... I have the most amazing children, but our family just doesn't feel complete. 

Oh... and I just ordered some HPTs in bulk.  It is crazy expensive and I am a testing junkie!