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TTC Lingo

2WW or TWW:  two week wait (days of waiting after ovulation)

AF: Aunt Flo (period)

ART:  assisted reproductive technology

BC:  birth control

BBT:  basal body temperature

BD: baby dance (sex)

BMS:  baby making sex

BFN: big fat negative

BFP: big fat positive

BW:  Blood work

CBFM: Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

CD:  cycle day

CM:  cervical mucus

D&C:  dilation & curretage

DPO:  days post ovulation

DH: dear husband

Endo:  endometriosis

ET:  embryo transfer

EWCM:  egg white cervical mucus

FP: follicular phase (days of your cycle before ovulation)

FSH:  follicular stimulating hormone

FMU:  first morning urine

HPT: home pregnancy test

HSG:  hysterosalpingogram

IF:  infertility

IUI:  intra-uterine insemination

IVF:  in-vitro insemination

LP: luteal phase (days of your cycle after ovulation)

LH:  lutenizing hormone

LMP:  last menstrual period

LPD:  luteal phase defect

MC, m/c:  miscarriage

O (Oed):  ovulation (ovulated)

OFM:  Ovacue Fertility Monitor

OPK: ovulation predictor kit

PCOS:  polycyctic ovarian syndrome

PG:  pregnant

PMS:  pre-menstrual syndrom

POAS: pee on a stick

RE:  reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist)

SA:  semen analysis

TTC: trying to conceive

US, u/s: ultrasound

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