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Ovacue Charts

I used the OvaCue fertility monitor in conjunction with a lot of fertility meds and monitoring to get pregnant with my twins in 2012.  We have been "not trying" for a year and I decided it was time to break out my OvaCue once again!  It is a fertility monitor that is able to predict your fertile window 5-7 days in advance.  It predicts and confirms ovulation by measuring the electrolyte concentration in your saliva and cervical mucus.  This page is a place where I can compare my monthly OvaCue charts.

 Currnet Cycle... #1 natural cycle, progesterone suppositories

  • started vaginal readings 
  • Still waiting for my cue peak trend to be detected
  • Vaginal readings still elevated
  • Two dominant follicles
  • Vaginal readings are dropping slightly
  • OPK - negative
  • Vaginal readings dropped indicating surge in estrogen production as ovulation approaches
  • OPK - very faint line at 12pm and 8pm
  • PINK BOX - Ovualtion??  Vaginal readings increased indicating ovulation occurred (the switch to progesterone dominance)
    • If ovulation was actually confirmed, we would expect to see my vaginal readings remain elevated
  • OPK - very faint line at 12pm, no line at 8pm
  • 10am, 3pm and 7pm - OPK almost positive(not the same or darker than the control line yet)
  • Vaginal reading dropped indicating that ovulation didn't occur (surge in estrogen)
CD16 (ovulation day):   
  • 10am - POSITIVE OPK
  • 2pm - strong ovulation pains, painful cervix/ovaries during sex
  • PURPLE BOX - increase in readings (shift to progesterone dominance)
CD 19 (3dpo):   
  • OvaCue readings have remained elevated (several over 400 readings before getting a reading)
  • Progesterone level is 15.7 (anything over 15 is good)
  • Began Endometrin progesterone suppositories 2x/day

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