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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CD 14... much improved

I went in for my second mid-cycle ultrasound this morning.  Everything had improved perfectly!  My lining was 8.8 and the follicle in my left ovary had matured to 18mm!  However.... the ultrasound tech used a lubricant AGAIN!?!?!?!  I have had a million of these ultrasounds and I have never had to say anything before.  It is their job.  They work with women who are going through fertility treatments, so I would assume they know how to do their job.  The tech on Monday didn't use any, so I didn't even think about saying anything today.  I never dreamt someone would mess up twice... but she did.  The minute she inserted the wand, I could feel my anger building.  It was too late for her to change anything, so I didn't say anything to her directly.  I should have, but what was done was done.  I asked the NP when I met with her and all she said was that she didn't like it when they used it, but it will be fine.  Part of me believes her and part of me is so worried that it altered my cervical mucous and now all the spermies will drown and struggle to swim through it!  So annoyed.  I would like to believe my body will have absorbed it and the ph should have returned to normal by the time we have sex again tomorrow night.  I left a message today for a nurse to call me back because they didn't give me an official date to start my progesterone... I can easily figure that out on my own, but it gave me a reason to get them on the phone.  I am just livid.  I am going to the clinic and paying money for all of these ultrasounds and appointments to do EVERYTHING I can to increase our chances of conceiving.  I am not going to pay for services if there is a chance that using a lubricant 2 days prior to ovulation will impact my ability to conceive... even slightly.  I just need someone to talk me off of this ledge.  UGH.  Back to the plan...

Since my lining looked great and I had a mature follicle, they gave me my HCG injection at 9:00am this morning.  Ovulation should occur approximately 24-48 hours after... for me it has always been about 36 hours.  I could expect to ovulate tomorrow about 9pm.  Since we had sex last night to replenish the supply, we are supposed to also have sex tomorrow night and the next night.  We will be heading up to the lake on Friday afternoon for Memorial Day weekend, so I guess we will be doing some very quiet baby making!  HAHA!!  This is the same schedule we were on with the twins, so hopefully that is a good sign.  I am heading to the store tomorrow to pick up the beer and Monster energy drinks for the hubby to drink!  Pulling out all the stops this month!!


  1. Yay!! Happy Baby Making Weekend to you!!! Sending you lots of hugs and love this weekend! And don't sweat the stupid tech. Just focus on making a baby. She doesn't deserve an ounce of energy.

  2. Thanks, Suzanne!! 13 dpo and still hanging in there!! Thanks so much for checking in!