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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Three years ago... one year ago... so many emotions!

This weekend was an emotional one.  I love that Facebook now alerts me to posts that I have previously posted on that day in the past.  This weekend I received memories about a weekend getaway that my hubby and the kids took up to my parents lake cabin.  It was just the four of us and it was so much fun!  Typically my parents were up there, but this time it was just us.  It was so relaxing.   We made good food, drank some wine and got pregnant... ha!!!  I wouldn't find our for a month later, but that was the weekend we got pregnant.  NO meds, NO counting days, NO monitoring... we got pregnant the good old fashioned way!  This was our miracle baby.  Finally, everything was working out like we wanted it to.  That doesn't happen for us.  Well... we should've known better.  Sadly, I would lose that baby in June, but it proved to me that another baby is possible.  We can do this.  It also really ignited that need for another baby.  We tried many months after that the same way.  We weren't necessarily really ready to have another, but we knew we needed to at least try each month because it could take awhile.  A year later and no luck. 

Rewind to 3 years ago... May 2012.  It was a medicated cycle from HELL, that was saved with a bunch of meds, a zillion mature follicles (a slight exaggeration) and a bunch of timed intercourse... and our miracle twins were conceived.  Well... this cycle seems to be right on track with the exact same cycle 3 years ago.  I can only hope that is a good sign!

I went in yesterday (Monday) for my midcycle monitoring cycle on CD12.  I had a thin lining, 5.5mm, and one dominant follicle in the left ovary that measured 13mm.  So frustrating.  Last month at this time I had a thick, perfect lining and a mature follicle that was ready to trigger?!  The month before I had two mature follicles!  What happens to my body in May???  If my body varies this much from cycle to cycle, no wonder we struggle to time intercourse correctly without monitoring!  She gave me two options - trigger in a couple days when we would expect it to be mature, or do a repeat ultrasound on CD14 to see how it has progressed so we can best time the trigger shot.  I am such a control freak, so I picked option 2.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning for another ultrasound.  I want to know exactly what is going on.  If it isn't mature yet or happens to shrink like what happened the month with the twins, she did say that we could do a day or two of injections to mature the follicle prior to the HCG shot.  I feel comfortable doing that knowing that there is only one follicle.  I guess we'll see where we are at tomorrow morning.  I pray that we can get pregnant a third time in May... and that this one sticks!  Praying. 

On another note... I went swimsuit shopping today.  Eek.  I have always hated this task, but it is a million times worse after having twins and not having the time to really take care of yourself.  Ugh!  I found a couple.  I wanted something that covers a lot because I will mostly be chasing around a couple toddlers! 

Hopefully tomorrow's post will be a little more positive!  No shrinking!

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