Saturday, May 23, 2015


As usual, I overthought the timing of sex.  Since we had sex the night before the trigger shot (Tuesday), we were supposed to skip the night of the trigger (Wed) and do it the night after (Thurs) and the following night (Fri).  If ovulation was going to occur about 36 hours after the trigger then I would've been ovulating about 9pm on Thursday night.  It seemed like bad timing to not have sex until right when ovation was happening.  I wanted to give the little spermies a headstart!  So I summoned my hubby home from work on Thursday afternoon... HA!  We then had sex on Friday night as well and I am crossing my fingers that that was sufficient!  I feel good about getting the one time in prior to ovulation... I just really want this to be our month.  The days after ovulation and timed intercourse are always full of anxiety... feeling like I should've timed it better, done more... ugh!  The only thing I can do now is wait... and pray.

I start my progesterone suppositories tomorrow... yay.

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