Friday, July 6, 2012

Maternity pants already?!? Yikes!!!!


Biggest news of the day was my first maternity clothing purchase... Jeans and capris! I just can't believe that I can't fit into any of my pants already. I have a long ways to go...I can only imagine what is to come. They are actually very comfortable, so I'm glad I caved!

We went up to the lake last Friday and just got home last night, so I've been a bit off the grid. It has been in the 90s all week and the car said 106 degrees today?!? That is way too hot forts pregnant lady! I tried to stay cool all weekend. We sat in the shade with our feet in the kiddie pool. I had my first complete hormonal meltdown. We were all getting ready for a 4th of July picnic and I went outside to watch the kids shoot off a couple fireworks. I must've gotten overheated because I felt a dire need to et back in the house. I snapped at my mom because I was so hot, went in my room, slammed the door, stripped off all my clothes, sprawled out in front of the fan and bawled. I got myself together and put on some capris and a tank top (not the coolest thing, but I was refusing to go to the picnic at this point). I went out into the kitchen and saw my parents and my hubby... I lost it. My mom asked what was wrong and I started uncontrollably sobbing and just said over and over... " I am so sick of being F@#*ing hot!". It was ridiculous and everyone tried to console me, but also started laughing. I started doing something in between sobbing and laughing. It was ridiculous. I put on a cooler dress, my 5 year old nephew filled up a big bucket of cold water for me to put my feet in and I enjoyed the picnic. That night, we watched the best firework show we've seen in a long time. We realized that it was our last 4th of July before the little ones arrive. Next year willbe completely different... can't wait!

I've been feeling pretty good. I am absolutely STARVING in the mornings, but eating makes me feel much better. Nights are my worst... I completely shut down at about 8pm. I'm nauseous, exhausted and emotional. I'm typically try to head to bed at that time so I can sleep through it. My hubby has been awesome...he knows just how to cheer me up and understands that I'm simply hormonal and not losing it. I'm starting to be able to eat more meat, which is a relief because I need the protein. However, the vegetables are not getting any easier... onions especially. My hubby was making some grilled veggies tonight and he jokingly started eating some onions in front of me... Taunting me. I couldn't handle it and puked! He felt horrible and onions are now banned from the house! I typically love the smell of my house, but it stinks like vegetables... all the time! I'm loving fruit, so I went to the grocery store and bought some awesome pre-cut and washed fruit... much easier for me to eat that way. I have no energy, so the easier the access, the more likely I am to actually eat it! I've been trying to eat healthy, but at this point I simply have to eat what sounds good and makes me feel good. I'm just doing the best I can. I feel fat, but I'm pretty sure it is just the beginning of that!

I ordered a doppler fetal heart monitor yesterday. My sister has one and loved being able to find the baby's heartbeat. It should arrive in the mail sometime next week, and I am so anxious to try it out! We don't go back to the doctor until July 20, so it will be awesome to hear their heartbeats while we wait for that appointment! It will befit the experiment.

Hubby andi have a date day planned for Sunday...can't wait! We have to get as many of these in as possible in the next 7 months!

Off to bed..... Goodnight!

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