Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally... an update!!!


Saying that the weekend was rough is a complete understatement.  As soon as we went to the doctor and I told him I was feeling better, my morning sickness (more likel all-day sickness for me) kicked in like crazy.  I don't think I kept  anything down on Sunday... yuck!  It is so weird how it comes out of nowhere.  I feel great one moment, get really hungry, eat something little, feel good for awhile... and then a sudden desire to throw up... and then great again?!?  UGH!

We had our ultrasound last Friday at 11w1d.  We had our initial OB appointment with one of the midwives that works in the clinic.  It seemed a little pointless since my pregnancy is almost a third over and she was giving me all the dos and don'ts of pregnancy?!?!  A little late, but we were kind of in a different situation than most.  Most women have that appointment when they go in to confirm pregnancy, but we weren't seeing an OB at that point.  They gave us a box full of information (it was in a mini cardboard file box with dividers and everything... totally up my alley!) about anything and everything we need to know.  I guess it is really time to start thinking about taking some prenatal classes!  They even had information about prenatal fitness classes at the wellness center that are solely for pregnant women. I would LOVE to go, but I do wish I had someone to go with.  Maybe I'll start once I'm feeling better.  After we met with the midwife, we went onto our ultrasound appointment with our doctor.  We had the same ultrasound tech as last time... she is so awesome!  She takes her time telling us what we are looking at tries really hard to get good pictures!  Everything looked great so far!!

Here are some pictures of the little.....................

This picture shows both of the babies.  It is of Baby B's head and Baby A's rump.  You can see Baby A's arm sticking out to the left! 

This is a 4D image of both babies cuddling.  It took her a long time to get a picture of both babies.  It is actually upside down.  Baby B is actually on the left in this picture and is really head down with it's back facing up.  It does have it's hands by it's face!  Baby A looks like it is head down, but is really head up.  It also has it's hands by it's face.   

Here are some pictures of Baby A.  It was hilarious to watch because it was so active!  It would jump around and was moving it hands around.  So amazing to see!

The bottom of Baby A's little foot!

 Baby A was posing for various pictures!  You can see Baby B way off to the right of the picture... it's head is at the bottom and feet are by Baby A's head.

Here are some pics of Baby B.  It was much less photogenic and more stubborn than Baby A!  The whole time the ultrasound tech was looking at both babies, Baby B was moving a bunch, but turned around every time the tech went to tack a picutre!  She had a tough time getting any good pics.  So much like it's dad already!!!  Here is a picture of the back of Baby B!

We waited about 10 minutes for the doctor came in and when he did his check, Baby B had flipped around. We got to see some good pictures of it, but as soon as the tech went to take pictures the little one decided to start turning!  Stinker!  You can see babies head at the top, but it is hiding it's face behind it's arms!

Here is a side view of Baby B... as it was trying to turn away! 

The doctor said that everything looked great!  We got to see 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 hemispheres in each babies brain and lots and lots of movement.  I am going to have a very busy belly in a couple weeks... I can't wait!  The doctor was great... I like him more and more every time I see him.  We technically didn't do the first trimester screen because I have read that the blood results aren't very accurrate in a multiples pregnancy.  The u/s tech did measure the space on the back of the neck and said that it was definitely in the normal range!  That was all I needed to know.  Both babies measured 11w4d... Baby A's heartbeat was 168bpm and B's was 167bpm.  It is very likely that we have two babies of the same sex in there?!?! 

We have our next appointment in 3 weeks.  We will be 14w1d!!  They said it is VERY likely that we will be able to find out the sex at that appointment!  So excited!

I have officially grown out of the majority of my tops now.  I decided to get a couple materity tops.  I was able to find some really cute tops and some t-shirts that should be pretty versatile.  I got starving at the mall and had a little treat.... then I barely made it home before I lost it all!!  Hopefully that part will be over in just a couple weeks!


  1. These are so cute' Ali!!!
    Are you ok? You haven't posted in a week. I love your blog and come on it everyday to read it. I'm TTC too and I love reading about what you go through!! Well I hope everything is ok and you post your updates soon!!

    Ovagraph friend "need a cycle buddy any1?"

  2. I hope everything is okay with you. I'm sure you have a lot of people rooting for you (including myself) that would love to know that your okay.

  3. Hi Allie, Are you close to having your babies? Been thinking about you a lot.

  4. Hi there! Just stopped by your blog since we're blog-title-twinsies! :) Anyway, I'm so glad that you are getting two bundles of joy. I've always wanted twins! I think your readers deserve a bump picture! (maybe when you start to feel better though). Hope the nausea lets up soon! :) I'm your newest reader and I hope you'll stop by and follow back!