Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm BACK!!!!

After many months... okay years... I FINALLY have the time and energy to give an update!!  The past 2 years have been CRAZY... to say the least.  I will give a fast a furious update and will elaborate in the days to come :)  That WILL happen!

I quit blogging because I was incredibly sick (that is an understatement) with my twin pregnancy.  The pregnancy was incredible.  I loved every minute of it despite literally throwing up everything I ate.  I seriously wish I would have kept blogging throughout my pregnancy just to document the ridiculousness.  It got to a point where I had to bring an extra change of underwear and pants because I would throw up so much I would pee through them!!  For some reason I miss all that!

Since my last post...  We found out we were having two boys... and then a boy and a girl... and then two girls... and finally confirmed Baby A was a boy and Baby B was a girl!  It is crazy how many body parts are inside one stomach and the chaos that creates when doing ultrasounds.  One of each... AMAZING!  We were so excited.  At our anatomy scan everyone was perfectly healthy and again total relief.  At that appointment we did find out that our baby boy was going to be born with a club foot.  I panicked.  They assured us he would be perfect and it would be easily correctable.  Spoiler alert... he is 21 months and PERFECT!  Treatment was way easier than I ever anticipated and you would never know!  Baby girl was always smaller, but everyone did amazing.

At about 30 weeks, my body started struggling and my blood pressure started creeping up.  I ended up on hospital bed rest at 32 weeks.  They kept me for two days and sent me home on bed rest.  My mom organized my whole house and did all the last minute preparations for babies to come home.  I went to Christmases via FaceTime and celebrated my 31st birthday on my couch.  It was all worth it!

At 35wks3days on January 6, 2013, Jake Michael and Brynn Elise were born.  I am not going to give a lot of details in this post, but will post my birth story another day.  Jake was 6 lbs and Brynn weighed only 3 lbs 11oz.  Jake was in the NICU for 10 days and Brynn stayed a few more and came home after 2 weeks. We met a great friend in the NICU and learned a lot to help us raise these two babies!

21 months has passed and they are so much fun!!  They are very busy toddlers and keeping us on our toes.  They are my whole world and so worth the wait.

It took us too long  and too much heartbreak to get pregnant with the twins, so we decided we weren't going to prevent anything from happening after the twins celebrated their 1st birthday.   Crazy that after only 4 months, I got a surprise positive pregnancy test (another story for another post).  4 weeks later I found myself experiencing the unbearable pain of losing yet another baby.  I had a D&C on June 23.

My body and mind has now recovered and we are ready to "not try" again.... I am currently in my fertile window... so here we go... wish us luck :)

It feels good to be back!!


  1. Welcome back Ali. Glad to hear everything is going well with the twins. Truly sorry about ur loss as well. Hope everything works out.

  2. Hi Ali! It's great to hear from you again. I'm glad everything went well with the twins, and I'm sorry about the recent loss. I just sent you an email, so hopefully you still use the same email we used to talk with two years ago :)

    1. Hey Dee! I am so glad that you still have my email!!! Try to send it to me again because I can't find it!! I will be watching for it this time ;) Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Thanks so much for the welcome back, ladies!!

  4. You were so amazing to me when we met back in the Ovagraph Forum. I remember how helpful you were when I took my very first HCG trigger! much has happened since then. I remember always checking back here wondering how you were doing. I'm behind happy to hear how wonderful your babies are. No doubt what a loving and amazing mother you are. I'm so sorry for the loss that you endured last year. It's like no matter what you've been through, there is nothing that makes those any easier or less heartbreaking. So happy to have your blog back on my radar again. You've definitely been missed!! xoxo