Thursday, January 22, 2015

CD 7... Influenza sucks!

I got a call from daycare yesterday that B (my baby girl) was running a fever and not acting like herself.  Since there were 2 other kiddos in her room that have been diagnosed with influenza, I took her into the doctor to make sure... INFLUENZA!!  GRRR.... So, my sweet little girl has been at home with me all day.  She is running a low grade fever, but seems like herself otherwise.  We spent the morning eating breakfast, taking a bath, modeling some new clothes, going to the grocery store and eating lunch.  She is napping now and I am catching up on some work.  I know it is all relative, but it is so relaxing to just have ONE kid at home!!!  There is just not the chaos that goes along with having both of them here.  However, it is clear how much they miss each other.  I get messages from the girls at daycare that J (my baby boy) is asking about her constantly and seems to be waiting for her to come in the door.  She asked to sleep with his blankie for nap time... I love the bond they share!  I wouldn't trade that bond for the "simplicity" of having just one of them!!  Such a blessing!

My oral reading today was on the decline, and I am hoping that tomorrow's reading will confirm my oral cue peak trend.  The monitor did turn today a light blue color.  My vaginal readings are still elevated indicating that estrogen is still high. 

We will see what tomorrow brings!!

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