Monday, January 26, 2015

CD11... Ovulation approaching already??

Well... I wasn't lucky enough to escape influenza.  I started running a fever on Sunday morning and ended up in acute care.  I am traveling later in the week and wanted to get some Tamaflu as soon as possible so I could start feeling better fast!!   This is my last week at home while my kids are at daycae full time.  Today I spent looking for potty training books to give them along with their new potty chairs and training undies.  It is hard to believe they are already old enough to be ready for potty training?!  Where has the time gone?!?  Ugh!

I have had some interesting things happening with my OvaCue readings.  When we were trying for the twins, our RE always talked about timing.  For some people it doesn't seem to matter.  They can have sex one time at a supposedly low fertile time of the month and still get pregnant.  For us, it is always going to come down to the perfect timing.  That is EXACTLY why I decided to start using the OvaCue.  I am wondering if I am ovulating earlier then what it feels like.  I have what I think is ovulation pains on CD 13, 14 or 15 EVERY month so I guess I assume that is ovulation.  However, we aren't getting pregnant.  If I am ovulating earlier than I think... then we are missing our window and just BDing for FUN!!!  HA!  I am so interested to see how this month plays out!

My oral cue peak was recognized on CD10 and my fertile window was populated.  It is predicting ovulation (my dark blue day) for CD14, just as I would expect.  However, my vaginal readings have already started to drop, so ovulation could happen earlier than expected!  Prior to ovulation, my vaginal readings will drop, which indicates that estrogen levels are dropping as my body gets ready for ovulation.  Once ovulation occurs, you will see a sudden increase in vaginal reading indicating increase in progesterone that occurs after ovulation has occurred.  So.... lucky for my hubby... my vaginal readings are on the decrease so I am considering myself fertile!  

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  1. Ha e fun BD! Hope u can confirm ovulation and have the right timing.