Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10dpo.... Dying to test!

It has been a pretty hectic week, so time has gone pretty fast.  J didn't continue to throw up, but by Friday he was extremely lethargic.  I took him in to Urgent Care that evening and they sent me home to try and push fluids.  By Saturday morning, I had had enough so we took him into the ER.  He was admitted to the hospital because his blood work levels were all in the critical range.  It was the scariest thing I have ever had to do.  We got released on Sunday afternoon and he is pretty much back to normal.  Not sure what cause him to get so dehydrated, but now I know to push more for whatever my gut tells me.  The doctor never should've sent us home on Friday night... we should've been sent right to the ER or at least she should've done some blood work.

I am currently 10 dpo.  I have some symptoms, but who knows if they are from the progesterone, PMS or actual pregnancy symptoms.  I am exhausted, have a lot of gas and constipation, my tummy feels like it has butterflies in it and is upset at times... and I am incredibly irritable... let's just say hormonal ;)  I hate to read too much into it.  I tested positive with the twins at 11dpo, so I could test tomorrow.  However, I was pregnant with 3 babies!  That is a lot of HCG, so of course I would test positive early.  Let's be honest, I picked up some tests today and will probably test every morning until I get my period!  HA!  It is currently CD26 today and I am interested to see how long this cycle will be if I'm not pregnant since I ovulated so late.   My typical cycles have been 28 days long (with a random 30 day in there), which would put me at getting my period on Friday at only 12 dpo.  A typical LP is 14 days, which would put this cycle at 30 days and my period would come on Sunday.  Very anxious for these days to pass!  I typically spot 2-3 days prior to my period so with a period that starts on Sunday, I should start to spot on Friday... not sure how my body will respond since I am on progesterone supplementation! 

Speaking of progesterone supplementation.... The RE prescribed Endometrin for my progesterone supplementation this cycle.  It is more of a pill form with an applicator.  She said that people preferred it because it doesn't have the same amount of discharge.  Ummm.... I hate it!  I feel like it is more a matter of which kind of discharge/leakage you prefer.  The Endometrin doesn't have the initial leakage upon insertion, but about 8 hours later it is a watery, creamy, chalky discharge.  Disgusting.  With the compound progesterone that has to be in the fridge, the leakage is immediate.  You insert it, lay/sit down for 15-30 minutes and there is some discharge for an hour.  Then it is done.  I would prefer that... I can't handle constant discharge all day and constantly feeling like I want to take a shower or change my underwear!  With the Endometrin, I felt like I needed to wear a pad all day long, as opposed to an hour a day!  I did like that there is an applicator with the Endometrin as opposed to inserting it manually.  The compound progesterone tends to be a little more irritating, but at this point it is about comfort!  I messaged my RE and they prescribed the compound suppositories for the rest of this month.  Sometimes change is hard...

Can't wait to take a test!!!


  1. YAY! It's test taking time!! This 2 weeks flew by!! :) Lots of positive thoughts coming your way this weekend!!

  2. Thinking of you!!!! Hope all is well!