Wednesday, April 1, 2015

3dpo.... looking good ;)

We had a fun day today.  It is so nice that it is getting warmer outside so we don't have to rush in and out of every building or store.  We can take our time and run errands.  We went to the lab to get blood work drawn, visited some old co-workers and had lunch with a friend.  It was the best!

I had my 3dpo blood work drawn today to make sure it is the right time to start the progesterone suppositories.  My progesterone levels came back at 15.7.  Yay!!  They are happy with anything over 15... phew!!  Hopefully this is just the beginning of the good news for this cycle.  

I started the Endometrin progesterone suppositories this evening.  They are so much different than the ones I have used in the past.  The ones I have previously used were a compound.  I had to keep them cold in the fridge, I had to insert them with my finger and they just oozed out as they melted... GROSS.  These are more of a pill consistency.  They are about the size of a quarter, solid and they come with an applicator.  So much simpler!!

Thinking good thoughts...

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