Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CD12... Mid-cycle ultrasound

OK... I haven't posted an update since 10dpo.  No big news... obviously.  It was a stressful month and my cycle was exactly 28 days long.  The progesterone seems to have done its job and I didn't have any spotting prior to AF starting.  It was a more normal flow and length this month, so hopefully that is a good sign.  I am ready for this month.  I haven't been taking my OvaCue readings this month.  They get a little messed up with the trigger shot, so I am taking this month off from monitoring.   

I got to skip a baseline ultrasound since I'm not doing any medication and I just had my midcycle ultrasound today.  I am currently on CD12... yes, CD12.  Time has gone ridiculously fast since I last posted.  Why is that?!  How does 12 days go by so fast prior to ovulation and drags on and on once ovulation occurs.  I am determined this month to WAIT until at least 12dpo to test... HA!!  

My ultrasound this morning went great!  When the tech started my ultrasound I could tell that she used a lubricant on the transducer.  The minute she looked at my uterus she asked where I am at in my cycle... WHAT?!  You don't know exactly where I am at?!   How do you know what you are supposed to be looking for?!  I knew the minute I felt the lubricant that she didn't know.  They never use lubricant mid-cycle.  Ugh.  She didn't say anything to me, but I made sure to ask the NP about it.  Anyways.... the good deets....

My lining looks absolutely perfect.  It measured 9.1mm thick and was trilaminar!  Anything over 7mm is great.  I have one follicle on the right side that measured 20mm and NO follicles on the left.  Phew.  It makes it so much easier to go forward with only one mature follicle.  It is crazy how different my two cycles have been.  Last month at this point my two follicles were only 14mm and 16mm.  My follicle is much further along this month, which might be because my body is only busy maturing one follicle.  I am pumped.  The NP was really excited to see how great everything looked, especially for not being on any meds.  This does make me worried that my hubby's morphology issues are playing more of a role in our infertility than he wants to believe.  It doesn't change anything because we won't do more than we are right now.  I am going to make sure he continues to take his FertilityBlend and make sure we continue to do whatever we can!  It is just going to take time.  We have gotten pregnant three times, so I know it can happen... we just need to be patient.  I am creating as perfect of an environment as I can.  Now I just need to get a little bean to stick. 

I picked up my ovidrel from the pharmacy and have instructions to do the shot this evening.  We are supposed to BD this evening and the next two nights.  So... here we go! 

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