Friday, April 24, 2015

CD13.... Rest up little spermies!

My hubby gave me my Ovidrel (trigger shot) injection last night at 7pm.  I am not afraid of needles at all, but I forgot how nervous it makes me to let him inject a super tiny needle into my tummy fat... Which I have extra of since I had the twins!  I am freaking out and convinced that the trigger shot isn't going to work.  I guess I could always take a pregnancy test tomorrow and make sure it was active medication.  In the last I have ovulated almost exactly 36hours after the injection, so hopefully I will have some ovulation pain in the morning.  We were instructed to BD last night, tonight and tomorrow night.  We have obeyed so far... Ha!  Every time at this point in the month I think it is so weird that there are little spermies just waiting to fertilize an egg... for up to 7 days!  I always go back to the visual of them just furiously trying to fertilize an egg but they can't... Ugh.  Hopefully they are resting up and getting ready.  This is the month... Get with the program!


  1. Everything is lining up perfectly! So many fingers and toes crossed for you!

  2. I strangely imagined spermies taking a nap waiting to hear the door open. Lol