Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another 2ww... Ugh!

I haven't posted in a couple days.... Every time I want to post I am exhausted and fall asleep!! Things have been going a bit better. I called the RE's office on Friday and talked to them about how uncomfortable my belly has been. They are having me take Miralax 1x/day to help keep things moving. They said it would take a couple days before I started feeling better and I really am feeling less full and gassy. My abdominal muscles are still pretty sore and I already look like I am 4 months pregnant... There isn't really a reason why my stomach should be sticking out! I am still wanting to keep this pregnancy a secret from most people, but my belly makes that a little hard. I try to suck it in, but it doesn't go anywhere and my abs are too sore... Ha!! My hubby is afraid that I'm eventually going to get as big as Jessica Simpson at this rate! I had to go out and buy some stretchy black pants since I already can't button any of my pants. I found some comfy ones at Gap, so at least I can wear some of the super cute shirts I have with them and then I have a bunch of dresses that will work for quite awhile. I'm going to have to wash often, but I think I should be set for awhile. I'm not going to lie... The extended belly so early makes me a bit nervous that there are multiple babies in there! I did some reading on the internet and there are lots of women who complain of the same thing, but were only pregnant with a singleton.. They were all similar in height and weight to me, so it must have something to do with the lack of space in our bellies. At least I know it is common!

I am having a rummage sale this week to get rid of stuff we no longer need and to make some extra room for the baby! I still had the baby's room cleaned out from our last pregnancy, so that was one less room to clean out. We usually have a pretty good turn out to the rummage, so it makes for a little extra cash and should make this week pass a little faster. The rummage starts tomorrow and I'm nowhere close to ready. I usually have everything set up and marked a cople days prior to opening, but I just don't have the energy to do it. My hubby helped me set-up all ofthe tables and get all of the totes down from storage and into the garage. Now I just have to set it out and mark it... I'd prefer to sleep!! Hopefully we get rid of a lot of it!

I can't believe we still have to wait 2 weeks from today before seeing the little sprout/s for the first time... An even longer 2ww! The anxiety is killing me!

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