Tuesday, June 19, 2012


6w5d........... (according to the nurse today, I was a day off)

It took me a long time to get home and have time to post today.  I've been anxious to post all day and fill you in on our ultrasound, but I had a busy day... and am exhausted.  Here is the day in rewind...

I couldn't fall asleep last night.  I tossed and turned and was nauseous all night long.  I think I might have slept about 3 hours total.  Morning came and I was able to wake up, shower and get myself together.  My hubby and I drove to the doctor's office and my heart was beating out of my chest.  He just kept reassuring me that everything was going to be ok.  After what seemed like the longest car ride ever, we finally got to the RE's office.  We checked in and I went to sit in the normal place that I sit and my hubby refused to sit there since it obviously wasn't good luck for us last time.  I never knew he was so superstitious.  We waited about 15 minutes for our the ultrasound tech to call us back.  She took my weight, I emptied my bladder and then changed.  I couldn't breathe.  I just wanted to see what was in there!  She told me that according to my HCG shot, we would expect to see a fetus that measures at 6w5d.  I was off a day!  She started the ultrasound and we saw one beautiful sac with an obvious flicker of a heartbeat.  We both gasped and I started to cry.  Then I asked, "How many heartbeats are there?".... she said she couldn't tell yet, but we would know shortly. 

She calmly asked, "How many do you want?"...... and this image froze on the screen........... TRIPLETS??

Then she started labeling the babies, measuring size and heartbeats.... Here they are.....

Baby A is on my left side, measure 7wks and has a heartbeat at 138bpm....  Strong!

 Baby B is on my right side, measures 6w5d and has a heartbeat at 128bpm...  Strong!

Baby C is at the top of the uterus, measures 6w3d and has a heartbeat at 112bpm... The weakest of the 3.

Baby C is at the very top of my uterus and is the furthest away from the transvaginal ultrasound transducer so the measurements may be a little off since it is so far away.  The ultrasound went so fast that we didn't even have time to process it.  We just knew that with three babies comes a lot of risks and a lot of tough decisions.  Aside from that, we were beyond excited that we had some very healthy little heartbeats! 

The nurse led us to a room, as we were both walking around like zombies in total shock!  We had about 20 minutes to fester before we got to meet with the RE.  He came in and he was speechless.  Statistically, this shouldn't have been possible.  Twins was always a possibility, but triplets was highly unlikely.  I guess we became fertile mertile in one month.  Apparently my hubby's sperm were terrified of IVF so they got busy! 

The RE told us that we were being released to the high-risk fetal and maternal medicine doctor and would be monitored on a weekly basis and increased my folic acid up to 1000mcg in addition to my prenatl.  He informed us of the risks of carrying a triplet pregnancy and the options of selective reduction... pros and cons of both.  The tough decisions begin.  When we started fertility treatments, we were aware of the possibilities and had to be ok making these impossible decisions.  The nurse told me today that they have had very few successful outcomes with people who carry triplet pregnancies.  They just had one deliver over the weekend at 23 weeks and they lost all 3 babies.  That would be totally devastating.  I absolutely could NOT handle that. 

We will talk with the high-risk OB at our appointment next Thursdsay.  It is possible that one of the babies could naturally miscarry in the next couple weeks.  However, if it doesn't, we will be faced with the decision to selectively reduce.  It is a horrible option to think about because we have tried so hard to get pregnant.  and nobody wanted this more than I do. I know that the decision that is right for us will offend some people, but I have to do what will be the healthiest outcome for me and my babies.  Until you are faced with these options, you can't judge. It breaks my heart. We are starting to tell the rest of our family that we are pregnant, but we aren't telling anyone but our parents about how many we have. We need to face these decisions on our own and we do not need the outside influence of people judging us.

For now, I am just going to enjoy the fact that everything went well.  It is the strangest feeling to be walking around with three little beans in my belly! 

My hubby left after our appointment to go on his yearly week long fishing trip to Montana.  I think it will be a good release for him to let everything sink in.  My dad is heading out tomorrow with some other guys to meet up with my hubby.  While they are gone, I'm heading up to the lake tomorrow to spend the rest of the week and weekend with my mom just relaxing and napping.  I see now why I am so extremely tired!


  1. I love ur blog by the way... as a labor/delivery rn I say good luck and follow your gut and heart and get plenty of rest! Les

  2. I love your blog too and I am so happy for you and your husband.

  3. Congrats! You and your hubby are sO deserving of good news! Regardless of what you and your hubby do I will not judge you! I can't imagine how hard of a decision you have ahead of you. And your right carrying triplets puts you into the high risk category which is very scary.

    I am going to say something and I would hope that you would not Tak offense to it because it truely is not my intention for it to be.

    I am going to give you a scenario that you may have to face later in life if you choose to abort one of your babies. The doctors are not going to tell you how inquisitive kids are. If one day your kids see your ultrasound picture and ask "why are there three spots" I don't want it I catch you of guard. If you decide to tell them what happened and the fact that it was high risk to carry three they may ask "why did you choose that one and not me". I am only putting this out there because this is a life scenario that could happen if they saw this picture or new that they were originally a 3-some.

    I am pro-choice do I really have no intention of coming off in a bad way. Instead I want to bring this scenario to your attention so that if this becomes your choice you and your husband are not caught off guard by the question later in life, instead you can think about it now and be prepared.

    I really wish you the best and will pray that you are well informed at your high risk appointment so that you and your husband can make the best decision for your growing family!

  4. Congrats!! I found your blog from the Ovacue forum (you responded to me). I'm so happy for you!! That's amazing news!! I'm sure whatever decision you make will be the one that's right for you. :)

  5. Wow!!!! My name is Sonya and I follow you on the Ovacue forum. THREE sticky beans??? AMAZING! Congratulations!I beyond excited for you both!