Monday, June 18, 2012

So close, yet sooooo far away !


We only have hours left until our first ultrasounds and time seems to be crawling!! I absolutely cannot wait any longer. My emotions fluctuate from excited to nervous to anxious. I'm dying to know why is going on inside of me. I just pray that everything looks great and we can see the little flicker of a heartbeat tomorrow.

My hubby got his first Father's Day present yesterday... A gun safe! What a lucky guy?!?! He's a big hunter, so we have lots of guns around the house. We need to get all the guns somewhere safe before sprout comes along!!! I think I surprised him with this gift. He had a huge smile on his face when I wished him a happy Father's day. He was so proud. Can't wait to celebrate next year with our little one!

I am exhausted and emotionally drained from all the worrying. I have been feeling nauseous for the past several days and have a huge aversion to vegetables and chunks of meat. I just have NOT been feeling well... It is all worth it. I am glad to be feeling pregnant.... I just NEED to see the little one tomorrow.

Well... I can't wait to check in tomorrow and write about the ultrasound and post some pics. I just need to go to bed so I can wake up tomorrow.....

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