Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A tid bit of new info!

I called the nurses at the RE's office today because they wanted me to check in after a couple days on the Miralax to make sure that it was relieving my discomfort. luckily, it does seem to be working and each day I am feeling a little hit more comfortable. Apparently, my bowel is probably distended, which is causing me to look like I already have a baby bump... She said that you literally have a "poop baby" at this point. Nice!! We also talked about my very high progesterone and she said there isn't anything to worry about with having extra progesterone. You can't have too much. She did fill me in on the fact that the progesterone suppositories do not get into the bloodstream, so all of the progesterone in my blood is naturally produced. It is common to see levels this high when multiple follicles are released. Nothing to worry about! I asked her how many she thought were in there from my labs and she said it is hard to tell, but twins are a definite possibility, but it isn't likely that there are more that 2 little ones growing in there... Phew!

When you get an HCG trigger shot, they base how far along you are based on when you got the shot as opposed to your last menstrual period. So, I am officially 4w5d along and will be 6w4d at my first ultrasound appt. Today is one day closer to getting to meet the little sprout/s that is/are growing inside of me. I can't wait to know how many sprouts are in there and have a peace of mind that everyone is doing just fine!

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