Thursday, March 12, 2015

CD1?? Maybe... maybe not!

Okay, so a lot has happened this month... or not.  Let me back up.... 

I forgot my OvaCue on my trip so was blindly navigating this month.  Last month was a 30 day cycle, so I was planning on about the same this month.  CD14 came and I had definite ovuatlation pains.  I was planning this, so timing should've been perfect.  Then CD16 arrived and definite ovulation pains then as well.  Still BDing just in case, so timing should've been good then as well.  Fast forward to CD23 and I had my OB call in an order for a progesterone blood draw to see if my levels indicated ovulation.  CD21 would've been ideal, but I didn't think about it soon enough and it fell on a Saturday, so had to wait.  I figured something is better than nothing.  I have my initial appointment with our RE next Wednesday and I wanted to have some information.  The results came back for CD24 and it was 6.8.  On the lower end of normal, but was likely dropping since it is 3 days later than ideal.  However....

A progesterone blood draw and a HPT (I had one lying around) is the best way to bring on AF.  Last night (CD25) I noticed some super light spotting and this morning was enough that I needed to use a tampon (sorry... TMI).  I was hoping my appointment with my RE landed on CD1-3 so we could take advantage of this cycle.  Since AF came early (I thought), I called the RE's office today and let them know the situation and my concern.   I hate wasting months!  The RE called in all of the initial bloodwork as well as a baseline ultrasound.  I am so excited that we can utilize this month.  However, as soon as she called that in AF STOPPED?!?!  Of course it did. 

I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:50.  However, if AF hasn't actually started by that time tomorrow then I guess I will call in the morning and reschedule it for Monday.  Seriously, this is annoying. 

I was extremely annoyed that they made me fill out the piles of paperwork, the semen analysis, the genetic counseling and the initial appointment.  I have done my planning and we are going to refuse the semen analysis and the genetic counseling.  I don't see a need.  I understand that the semen analysis would impact treatment if we were still trying for baby #1 or #2, as opposed to #3.  We know that there might be issues with the morphology, but we are doing the same things we did before to improve that.  Otherwise, we know that it comes down to timing.  We wont' do anything more than monitored cycles, the trigger shot and progesterone.  I am incredibly hesitant to take Clomid or Femara this time around because I want to be as conservative as possible and keep the risk of twins as low as possible.  I have been trying to research and see if monitoring and a trigger shot are ever done without ovulation inducing medications.  Hmm... I guess we shall see!!!

The one time I will say this... Praying AF comes tonight so I can keep the appointment for tomorrow. 


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