Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CD4.... RE appointment update

The appointment I have been dreading for a month because I didn't want to go in and have to do everything over and start from scratch, is over and it couldn't have gone better!  Many things have changed in our RE's office since we were their trying to get pregnant with the twins.  There is now a second RE in the practice.  The RE we saw, Dr. H, was ok.  There were things I liked and things I didn't.  I felt like he was incredibly knowledgeable, but he was difficult to talk to and I didn't like his bedside manner.  This time around, I made our appointment with the new female doctor, Dr. V.  I LOVE her!!  I felt like she really listened to me and was on the exact same page as me!!  Needless to say, I am in a good place... frustrated that we are here, but in a good place.  I will start from the beginning....

I got AF on Friday evening.  Since it was after 5, CD1 is technically Saturday.  I went in on Monday, CD3 for a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork.  Everything came back in the normal range for my bloodwork (I posted my actual results on my history page) and I have 20 follicles in each ovary!  Whew!  There are still a lot of follies in there :) 

We went over all of the results and she said that everything appears to be normal at this point in my cycle according to my blood work and ultrasound.  We talked about the spotting I have before and after my period and it could be indicative of low progesterone during my luteal phase, but it is hard to know.  I explained my concern that I have been pregnant three times and the only time I have had a successful pregnancy was when I was on progesterone suppositories after ovulation.  She definitely felt like the progesterone was a must.  Without me even having to tell her, she expressed her concerns with using clomid or femara to stimulate the ovaries due to my previous high risk pregnancy and wanting to prevent another set of twins.  She asked me what my thoughts were... seriously?!  I LOVE that she asked me that!  I have a say in my course of treatment... that felt great.  I told her that I would really like to do a couple monitored NATURAL cycles with the trigger shot (because I know that we need perfect timing) and progesterone.  She said, "I love that, I think that is perfect".  That was amazing to hear.  That is our plan!  YAY!!   If we don't get pregnant after 2-3 of these cycles, we will look at adding a very small dose of clomid.  I know this way might take longer, but this is what feels right for me.  I am so extremely excited.  I have to look back at my previous posts from the month I got pregnant with the twins to get the timing of sex with the trigger shot down.  My amazing nurse, Jess, knew that I always needed specific times so now begins the research to make this cycle perfect!  What is even more fun.... ovulation should be on our anniversary ;)  How perfect. 

She wants me to start taking OPKs on Monday (CD10) to make sure we don't miss ovulation.  Should be interesting since I haven't ever been able to get them to work!  Grrr.  I will be doing them 2x/day since I only have to do them M, T and W because I have our CD12 ultrasound on Wednesday and will be able to see where we are at in the cycle.  I will also be using my OvaCue to see how that correlates to the ultrasounds and ovulation, etc. 

For now... I continue to take my prenatal vitamins, drink water, eat healthy and wait a week.  


  1. Goodluck! Hope these natural cycles are what works for u.

    1. Thanks so much for checking in , JoJo!! I am crossing my fingers...

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