Sunday, March 29, 2015

CD16.... some clarity!

Alright...  After my last post, the ovulation pains I was having got worse.  I took another OPK at 7pm and it was negative indicating that my surge was done.  I took my OvaCue reading and it increased drastically - populating a purple box and indicating that ovulation occurred today.  Um duh... I felt like my ovary was going to explode.  Intercourse at the exact time of ovulation is incredibly painful for me... check that off of things to do today.  I must have a very short surge, which would be why I typically always miss it when I only do 1 test/day.  Let's face it... taking that many tests a day gets expensive... especially when you never get a positive.   

After looking at my OvaCue chart and knowing that there were two follicles, I do question if I actually ovulated twice?!  On Friday, I had ovulation pains on my right side and the monitor indicated ovulation... then I have the same thing today on the left side.  Makes me wonder!!

I am going to send a message to the doctor this evening.  I believe I need to have blood drawn and start progesterone on Wednesday.  Not looking forward to that! 

On another note... I just spend 48 hours without my kiddos and it was so needed!!   It has been way too long since my hubby and I have been able to spend some uninterrupted time together.  We got to sleep in, eat meals together, watch movies and really just relax!  It is crazy how much you get into the daily grind and just forget about nurturing your relationship!  Two 2-year olds is busy!!  It was so much fun to see their faces when they answered the door and saw us.  They are too sweet and I just wanted to squeeze them!  My heart is so full!!  It is funny how crazy they get after just a couple days with grandparents... totally spoiled!  Looking forward to spending all day tomorrow with them!!  LOVE!!!

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  1. YAY! So glad you finally got ovulation confirmation. Your weekend sounds perfect! A perfect way to celebrate each other. Fingers and crossed for you!!! xoxo