Friday, March 13, 2015

CD27... or... CD1... Hmmmm.

I was supposed to have my CD2 ultrasound and bloodwork this morning, but AF was pretty much non-existent other than some incredibly light spotting.   I called the RE's office and rescheduled for Monday and just hoped that the timing will work out ok.  I anticipated getting AF tomorrow on CD28... but instead she came this evening in all of her painful glory.  This might sound incredibly stupid, but I have been researching how to actually count your days... So is this still CD27 or does it become CD1.  I have read so many conflicting things.  If AF starts before noon, then it is CD1... after noon it is the last CD of the month.  Hmmm.... I've never really thought about it before!  I have always just counted whatever day AF starts as CD1.  Oh well!  Either way, I'm getting exactly what I want... to get answers right away.  I will have the ultrasound on Monday and our initial appointment on Tuesday!! 

I talked with the hubby a little more in depth about treatments and he is freaked!  He doesn't have the needs that I do to continue to grow our family, but definitely understands my desires.  Don't get me wrong, we agree that we are not done with our family, but he doesn't feel the same urgency as I do.  He never has... oh, to be a man!  Then he thinks about the fact that it will likely be over a year before we ever bring a newborn into this family... and he agrees that it is time we start seeking help again.  So super frustrating.  Why are we here again?!  Why can't this be easier?!

Answers are coming.....


  1. I read the same thing but when I did IVF and notified them as to when AF came they always counted the following day as CD1 even if it started before noon. I guess it depends on the clinic.

    1. I talked with my clinic at the appointment the other day and if it begins after 5pm then the next day is CD1. Seriously... universal rules would be AWESOME!!!!