Thursday, March 26, 2015

CD13... Change of plans

Update from yesterday that I apparently didn't publish...  
I went in for my CD12 ultrasound this morning and left with a different plan for the month.  First of all, I forgot how much fun transvaginal ultrasounds are... especially mid-cycle when you can only use a little water for lubrication.  The ultrasound tech wasn't overly talkative, which just makes things more awkward.  They got a couple new techs since I was at the office last.  The usual lady has some random conversations, but also tells me what she is looking at and seeing.  This one was just done in awkward silence.  She check my uterine lining and it was 7.84mm thick, which is great.  They want it to be >7mm to support implantation.  Ovulation seems to be a couple days away, so it should continue to thicken.  When she moved onto my right ovary, I was excited to see a large follicle - 14mm.  She moved over to my left ovary and I was floored to see another large follicle - 16mm?!  The minute I saw that there were two dominant follicles, I knew I needed to think this through!  This is what I was trying to avoid by not taking clomid or femara.  Hmmm... I talked with the NP and discussed the options.  We could do the trigger shot tomorrow and hope that the smaller follicle wouldn't release a mature egg (or wouldn't fertilize).  If I only had one follicle, they would wait to trigger for a couple days.  My fear with doing the trigger shot is that it helps with the final maturation, so it would help push both follicles to release... eek!!  So the plan (as of right now) is to wait for ovulation to be suspected/confirmed and then supplement with progesterone. 

I wasn't so sure about the plan so I sent a message to the NP asking her to run my scans by the doc... we shall see how she responds!!

Update TODAY... CD13!
I received her response and she basically said that my chances of releasing two eggs is similar with or without the trigger shot.  She recommended doing the trigger shot today in order to further help with timing both intercourse and when starting the progesterone.  I thought about it all last night and this morning and decided that I want to take the path of least regret.  I know I am going to ovulate, and if we naturally get twins then that is what is meant to be... if we do the trigger and had twins then I would always feel guilty.  I feel really good about this cycle and I am totally comfortable pinpointing ovulation.  Maybe it is because I know what is going on inside my body.  I know there are follicles waiting for ovulation and that my lining is ready.  I also feel at ease knowing that I will have enough progesterone to support implantation!  I am ready to kick this cycle's butt!!

I have been doing OPKs 2x/day since Monday.  I got a very faint line today... so the surge is coming!  It couldn't be more perfect timing as we head out of town for the first time in a LONG time without the twins.  WHAT?!?!  I don't know if we will even know what to do with ourselves.  It is a much needed getaway and I am incredibly excited! 

So... I am going to continue to take OPKs and my OvaCue readings.  I am supposed to call the RE when I get my LH surge.  They will have me come in to check my progesterone levels 4-5 days after my surge to confirm ovulation and then begin the suppositories. 

I think this is a good plan...

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