Saturday, March 28, 2015


This post is going to be quick because my hubby and I are out of town celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary.  It is the first time that we have been away from the together for way over a year!!  We kept it really low key and are spending the weekend at my parent's lake cabin while the kids spend time with their Nana and Papa.  It is a much needed vacation and the timing couldn't be more perfect!! 

I have been doing OPKs 2x/day 10am and 7pm in hopes that I won't miss my surge.  I haven't ever gotten a positive OPK, so I am going off the recommendation of my nurse.  I have always read that 2pm is the ideal time to test in order to catch the surge, but that hasn't worked in the past.  I have been getting a very faint line with my tests at 10am for the past couple days, but there is no line present on any of my evening tests.  I was pretty sure I had missed my surge.  Then this afternoon... a definitely darker line than before.  Hmmm......  so confused!  So I did my OvaCue readings and got even more confused!!

I saw my reading drop on CD13, which indicated that ovulation should be approaching (a decrease in estrogen production).  Last night I also had an increase in my vaginal reading, which populated the pink box and indicated that ovulation had occurred (the change to progesterone dominance).  Since I haven't gotten a positive OPK and my cervical mucous was definitely still fertile (egg white, clear, stretchy)... indicating that it is possible that ovulatin hasn't occurred!  Ugh!!

After my darker OPK line this morning, I will take another one this afternoon and this evening just to be sure.  I am really interested to take my OvaCue reading this evening because I am anticipating it to drop again... which would then generate a purple box.  I am not worried about the timing of intercourse because we couldn't time it any better - I am glad that the timing of this is over some days that we are our of town and away from the kids.  I am more wanting to make sure I pinpoint ovulation so I can start the progesterone on the right day.

Here is a pic of the OPK today at 10am:

Wonder what the day will bring!

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