Sunday, March 29, 2015

CD16.... totally confused.

Confused.... so confused.

I took an OPK this morning at 10am and it was definitely a positive.  That would indicate that ovulation should happen in the next 36hrs-ish... likely tomorrow sometime?!  That would make it CD17.  Hmmm.  That would be an extremely late ovulation for a 28 day cycle.  Which I guess should be possible since I struggle with progesterone in my luteal phase. 

I am interested to see what my vaginal readings do this evening.  If they rise again tonight then a purple box will populate.  We'll see.  It is possible that I could still ovulate this evening or tomorrow... which would coincide with my OPK and my OvaCue. 

When we BDed last night, my cervix/ovaries were very tender, and as I sit here writing this I am having some definite ovulation twinges....  I HAVE NO IDEA!!!  For having such a regular cycle... this is frustrating!!  No matter what, I am going to send my nurse/PA all of this information after I take my reading this evening and ask for a blood draw tomorrow.  I need to start the progesterone three days after ovulation, so if  I ovulated on Friday then I need to start the progesterone on Monday.  If my blood work doesn't indicate ovulation, then we can go from there.  I just REALLY want to get the timing of the progesterone right.  I feel like we have had perfect timing, but ovulation needs to happen soon... I love my hubby, but I am exhausted ;)  HA!


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