Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1 day 'til answers!!

Only 1 day of work left until I will finally have answers and can move on with TTCing.  It will be so nice to not wonder what is going on with  my body and have the possibility of something being wrong lingering over my head.  Nervous... but excited.

Tax day was today... first tax season since we've been married.   The pending tax return will be so welcomed after all of the medical expenses!!  I never dreamt that TTC would cost us so much... usually after this many visits to the RE, ultrasounds, bloodwork and hospital visits there would be a bouncing baby at the end.  For us there are just bills... and lots of them!!  Luckily, I changed jobs in August - from being self-employed to working for the school district - and our benefits are awesome!!  Don't get me wrong... South Dakota pays their teachers the lowest in the 50 states (seriously), so I don't get paid much, but the benefits make up for it... kind of!  Not to mention I am definitely looking forward to the 2 1/2 months I have off over the summer... hopefully I'll be incubating!!  One can only hope.........

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