Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today I realized that I would give anything to just be "normal". I don't even care that I'm not pregnant right now, I'm just really pissed that everything is so screwed up and our lives have been on hold for so long. Having a miscarriage is bad enough, but I relive it everyday because of all of the complications I'm having. I'm hoping the procedure next week will help get us back on track, but I'm struggling to positive right now.

On an up note, I started using my OvaCue fertility monitor yesterday... not really sure why!  We won't be able to try this month, but I figure I might as well get some practice under my belt. I'm going to keep track of my readings on this blog just for fun! I'm going to work on adding a tab at the top of the page so if you are interest in seeing my readings you can go there!  I won't be able to take my readings all month since I'll be having surgery mid month so I will start with my next cycle... we are crossing our fingers that it will come without incident!!

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