Sunday, February 26, 2012

A relaxing Sunday!

I LOVE my Sundays and my hubby! He got my washed my car, fueled it up, changed the oil, put in a new headlight, rotated the tires and got the oil changed!! I spent a couple hours doing a couple ladies' nails this afternoon. I do shellac manicures for some of my friends and one of them brought over a new client today. She just happened to be an RN for a group of OB/GYNs in town, so I got some great insite from her! She said that the RE we are seeing is great at what he does, but told us NOT to rush into doing IVF... let my body get back to normal and give it a really good try for awhile. However, she isn't married and doesn't plan to have kids and I'm starting to realize that people who haven't ever had to "try" to get pregnant can very easily tell you to take your time or relax and stop thinking about it and it will happen... if you've never been TTC for a year, you can NOT relate to the feelings we feel. Anyway, she said we were in great hands and he is good at what he does. She gave me a couple great recommendations for OB/GYNs when we get to the point that I need one... Our RE will follow us for the first 12 weeks of our pregnancy and then send us to the OB of our choice. It was so nice to get an RN's opinion on everything we are going through...

Only 3 days left until the surgery... definitely getting nervous and very anxious.  I'm ready to know what exactly is going on!!

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