Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to acupuncture...

I went back to acupuncture for my 1st treatment prior to ovulation. My second treatment prior to ovulation is on Friday and then I have to have 2 treatments after ovulation. I'm still not positive when I ovulate so I'm hesitant to schedule those appointments yet. I was pretty skeptical of the acupuncture, but the DR comes very highly recommended and they refer all of their IVF patients there. It is in such a relaxing atmosphere and I always sleep so well afterwards. If nothing else, it has to help reduce stres....which ultimately increases fertility in one way or another!

Had my post-op appointment today and all went well. He scheduled hubby for a repeat SA on April 3. This will help us to know what treatment options we are candidates for. He's been taking many different vitamins in order to improve morphology and motility, so we hope IUI will be possible if we can't conceive naturally. He wants me to have one natural cycle and then plans to start me on Leprazole with the start of the next cycle. I am more familiar with clomid, so I need to do some research to look into this med. He wants to give this a try before doing more costly procedures. Hopefully we won't need any of this! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Just curious exactly what vitamins and dosage was your husband taking. DH was just diagnosed with teratozoospermia 1%normal. It's all sinking in still, but we're ready to try anything. I'm going to push for a lap to verify that I'm clear and go from there. This is our 12th montH TTC. Thank you for posting your blog. It gives me so much hope!