Monday, March 5, 2012

So many emotions.....

The emotional side effect of the anesthetic was in full force yesterday!! I had so many emotions running through my brain. I went from happy to sad, then laughing and then crying. I was hopeless and hopeful and then patient... In a pretty steady 29 minute cycle!! God bless my hubby!!! He has been awesome through this entire thing. Today I am feeling incredibly anxious for my next cycle to start so I know for sure that my body is back to normal. I don't even need to start trying... I just want a period!!!

I guess I can consider myself in my TWW (two week wait)... The longest 2 weeks of the month. Not the typical TWW, but a wait nonetheless. It is crazy how much waiting comes along with TTC. The first year of marriage has absolutely flown by because we are constantly looking 2 weeks ahead.

I did go back to work and I was absolutely exhausted by lunch. I think It is going to be an early night tonight...

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