Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's official.... CD1 of Cycle #12!

It is official, Aunto Flo has arrived and is here to stay for a while!! I can't begin to express what a relief it is. I am pleasantly surprised because in the past my cramping and backaches that she brought with her were absolutely debilitating. The doctor said that I would see some improvement in these symptoms after the laparoscopy and the removal of the endometriosis, but this is way better than expected! We can now OFFICIALLY start on this journey again.... And so it has already begun...

The RE's nurse wanted me to call her if/when my cycle started. When I called her today, she asked about what our plan was for treatment. I told her that I wasn't sure, but we do feel like we need to have a couple cycles to try naturally before we start anything. She scheduled Eric for a repeat SA tomorrow so we would know where we stand with that and so we could talk with the RE at my post-op appointment on Monday about what treatment options we are candidates for. However, if we don't do any treatments right away then they will have him repeat it whenever we decide to start up. So I cancelled the appoinment for him. We really don't need this information until we are truly reading to resort to treatments. Not to mention it cost over $300 for each one and it isn't covered by insurance. Hubby is convinced we can do this without any interventions since he has been taking all of these vitamins to help out the little guys and he is convinced it comes down totiming! I agree with giving ourselves a couple months to try naturally, but I am a planner.... I need a plan and a timeline! He understood this so we came to a decision....

We are going to try on our own for 3 cycles(or longer if we can handle it) before starting to think about treatments. I really want some time to BBT, use my Ovacue fertility monitor and take consistent OPKs again. I want to just give it the good old college try!! After that, hubby will do the repeat SA to see what the options are from there. This will get us out of the school year and into the summer so I can more easily make the appointments needed for treatments anyway!! Who knows, the vitamins might be working wonders and all is good... One can hope!

What a happy day on this very frustrating TTC journey!!!!!!! The light at the end of this tunnel keeps getting brighter!

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