Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery tomorrow....again!

Ugh!!! I can't believe I have to have surgery again tomorrow! It will be a long day... My surgery isn't until 3:00, so I will be able to go to work all day, but I can't eat after 9:00 am tomorrow morning. I'm going to have to eat a couple large breakfasts. No usually some other speech therapists from the district for lunch on Wednesadys... Talk about torture!! I'm very excited to have it over with, but I'm not looking forward to the long road of recovery that has come with these surgeries in the past. I had 5 dental implants that we're put in about 10 years ago. I have had problems with one of them for the past year. Last year at this time it became infected and i was losing bone. I needed surgery for a bone graft and to clean out the infection. All went well and seemed to heal nicely. At my check up in January, I was told the infection had resurfaced and I the bone graft was almost completely gone. The dentist thinks that it resurfaced while I was pregnant because my immune system was down. So now he is going to actually remove the entire implant and do a bone and gum graft with the hopes that the infection will completely clear up without anything in the space. I will have another surgery sometime after 3 months to have it reimplanted. I'm in no hurry to have it put back in. I want to make sure everything's healed since pregnancy is so hard on your teeth. I hope to get pregnant before it is time to have another surgery anyway!!! I spent tonight getting my house in order so I can come home from the surgery and relax.

Fingers crossed that all goes well!

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