Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surgery went well.... I am hungry!!

My oral surgery is finally over!! Things went well, they left the actual implant case in my bone to try and save me from another surgery. They removed the post and the crown and put in a bone graft. He said there was way more infection than he expected, so it took him longer than planned. As I was leaving, I remember the nurse telling me that I was talking to them the whole time and it was so "cute".... Ugh!! I can only imagine what I was talking about! They put me under a conscious sedation, so I'm sleeping but conscious at the same time... He told my hubby that I must have been nervous, because I didn't want to go to sleep and he had to give me a second dose... Ha! They also give me a drug that induces amnesia, so I woke up this morning feeling I completely blacked out all of yesterday afternoon and night! However, I woke up this morning at 5am to take my readings and was surprised to find that I had taken my Ovacue vaginal reading when I got home. My husband said that I was half sleeping and completely loopy, but adamant that I not forget my reading!

The Ovacue has predicted out my fertile window. I am on CD9, so we are entering the "fun" part of my cycle!! I am so excited to see how the month plays out.

My sister is coming home this weekend to visit her niece (her husband's sister's daughter) who is 16 and just had a baby last week.... SERIOUSLY??? It makes me absolutely furious and sick when I think about these kids who get pregnant. Ugh...I just wish it was me! I mean really... SNOOKI??? She isn't a "kid", but it is hard to think why these things just happen to people!  I will save that topic for a day when I'm on the other end of this cycle and need something to write about to waste some 2ww time!

The novacaine Is starting to wear off (I can't imagine how much they gave me if it is still numb!?), so I'm going to get back to icing and relaxing. Hopefully my mom will be here soon with a malt for breakfast... I'm on a completely liquid diet for the next 2 weeks!! Lucky me... Ugh!


  1. After my m/c in June 2011 I had 5 surgeries in 7 months - 1 D n' C, 3 rectal, and 1 hysteroscopy. I totally get it about the hunger and the waiting...oh and all 4 wisdom teeth out in Dec 2011 so that makes it 6 surgeries?? Of course during all this it was pretty much impossible to TTC so that caused us a lot of frustration - lost time we'll never get back. I'm over 40 so it makes it worse. The ticking clock is deafening...

    I know... seriously?? Teens?? Snooki???

    Good luck!!

    1. Juice...

      I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage in June. It is such a devastating loss and unless you have experienced it first hand, you can't come close to understanding the utter heartbreak that follows such a loss.

      You sound a lot like me... When it rains it pours. We can't just have the difficulties getting pregnant to worry about, we need to add a whole other list of things that go wrong and sidetrack our biggest goal. It seems like it is never ending. Before we got married, I joked with my hubby that my life isn't ever easy... If something is going to happen, it is going to happen to me (and I didn't mean the lottery). He now says he has a full understanding of what I was talking about. Life hasn't been easy, but we have definitely grown so much closer through this process.

      The ticking clock is definitely deafening...