Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ovulation confirmed!

A move in the right direction!! Went in for my blood work this morning and my progesterone levels and estradiol indicated that ovulation occurred in the past 2-3 days. So no Provera needed and we definitely know my hormones are normal so far this month. Now we just have to wait... I should have a period by next weekend!! I'm ready to be healed from my surgery, get a period and celebrate with a glass of wine and some sushi to commence the return of the baby making!!

As for the recovery, I'm healing well from the surgery. My sutures get sore by the end of the day from my pants rubbing on them, so I've been trying to wear pretty loose pants. It will be interesting to know if I have less back pain with my periods... However, it all comes back to waiting for damn Aunt Flo!!

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