Saturday, March 10, 2012

One week left!?

Hopefully by this time next weekend, I will be enjoying a visit from my long lost Aunt Flo! I am beyond ready for this wait to be over. I'm really struggling to stay positive lately and feel like things are never going to go back to normal. Thank goodness for my hubby... I can always count on him to bring me back to reality.

Now my gripe for the day... I'm not a loyal Facebooker, but I do check it pretty daily to stay up to date with what is going on in the lives of my friends. However, I've found myself avoiding Facebook like the plague. Shortly after our miscarriage, I started getting almost daily status updates of people close to me who were announcing that they are expecting and 4 of them are due in June (the same month as we were supposed to be having a baby). Then in January, I started getting updates announcing the sex of the baby... And now I get weekly baby bump photo updates!! I do my very best to be happy for these people, but I have to honestly say that I am so jealous of what they are experiencing. Not to mention the fact that it is a constant reminder of what was so quickly taken away from me. It seems like everywhere I go there's either a pregnant woman or a baby. I went to the mall yesterday and actuhally laughed out loud because i felt like I was in some sick dream where everyone was pregnant or had a baby!! It was unreal! Only other women who struggle to get pregnant can truly understand the aching and absolute gut wrenching pain you feel when you see a mom with her new little one. I hate to admit that I find myself avoiding socializing with our two friends who are both due in June, but it is just to painful to listen to them talk about all the preparations they are doing and the experiences they are having. It really peeves me when they start complaining about how uncomfortable they are and how they truly don't like being pregnant... If they only knew what I would give to take their place.

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