Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday.... Ahhhh!

I absolutely LOVE Sundays.... If only Monday didn't have to follow!! Hubby was away hunting this weekend, so I spent some much needed time with my mom. Went to dinner, had a margarita and then decided to go see "The Vow". The movie was actually very good. It took me through a whole range of emotions. Spent the day at the mall shopping catching some sales with my mom... I love me a good sale!! All of the stores are starting to get in their spring clothes, so I was able to find some fun things. Sometimes I find myself avoiding buying clothes for the next season, because I'm always hoping to be too big and pregnant to fit into them. What better way to spend my summer off of work than to be incubating a little sprout!! I can only dream and think positive!!

I am growing impatient as the coming week approaches and wondering whether or not my period is going to be back to normal this month. I know I have said it before, but I am sooooo anxious to get back on track with the baby making! It has been way too long. The countdown continues.......

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