Monday, March 12, 2012

Nothing to do with my TTC journey!!

This technically has nothing to do with my own TTC journey, but I have to comment on it... The Bachelor... Is he really this stupid??? I've read the spoilers and I know he chooses Courtney, but seriously? How does she snowball everybody? I'm pretty sure they aren't together anymore because on the "Women Tell All" episode last week she made a comment that she "cared" for him. I can only imagine what he has been thinking as he has watched the season progress. Talk about cringe! I don't normally watch this crap, but what else do I have to do while I pass the time waiting for my BFP!!! I am soooo excited for the "After the Final Rose" episode tonight to see how this all plays out! Gotta love the smut TV!!! My life isn't so bad after all!

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