Sunday, March 25, 2012

Got the pink box... But is a purple one in store??

I am using the Ovacue fertility monitor and after taking my vaginal reading tonight, I received the pink box indicating that ovulation was confirmed (due to a decrease in my vaginal reading last night, followed by an increase in the reading tonight). Of course, I'm feeling guilty because we BDed on Friday and then again tonight, which I'm afraid will be too late of I actually already ovulated. Why is it that right after younthink you ovulated, you always feel like you could have done something better and are left criticizing the entire month and what you should have done differently. I'm not convinced that my pink box is actually ovulation. It is only CD12 and I usually ovulate closer to CD15 or 16. I had a couple oral cue peaks, so I'm kind of thinking that will be getting a purple box over the next couple days that would indicate a second chance at pre-ovulation BDing!! I feel like I really should be doing OPKs as well, but I haven't had any success with them in the past. According to them, I've never ovulated!! However, I feel like I am missing a huge piece of the puzzle wothout POAS 2xs every day and trying to decipher the different shades of lines. Maybe it will work this time around!! I have heard, that more women have success with the cheap OPKs that have to be dipped into a urine sample that has been collected in a cup as opposed to actually peed on. I always used the expensive digital ones that were eventually going to break the bank! I think I need to order some more in bulk... Along with some dixie cups so I can get a better handle on this... Definitely can't hurt!!

Well... I've been lying in bed for the past 30 min with my butt propped up to do my part in helping the little swimmers finds their way to where they need to go. I think it is time to go get ready for my Monday. I have been in a lot of pain all weekend because of my mouth, so I'm dreading going to work tomorrow. I'm a speech therapist, so I'm constantly talking which makes my sutures very sore... which makes for a long week. I did buy myself some Motrin PM (I know you aren't supposed to take ibuprofen when PG, but my RE says it is better than being stressed by pain) so I can try and get some sleep tonight. I have been waking up at 4am every morning since my surgery in complete agony and unable to do anything to ease the pain. Tonight has to be better.......


  1. Did you get a purple box or did you o early than expected? I have been checking back for an update since I still haven't been able to start using my ovacue :)

    Sorry to hear how much pain you have been in. I hope by now your mouth is feeling better!

  2. Hi Dee! I just logged on to update the blog and saw your comment. So far I have only gotten a pink box, but In the past I've usually ovulated about CD16... Only time will tell I guess!!