Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick update...

I am feeling guilty tonit, because I have been neglecting my blog over the past couple days. I have been struggling to manage my pain since my oral surgery, so I've been sleeping in late and doing my best to take it easy... My sister and her family are home for the weekend to see their niece on her husband's side that just had a baby... I think I already mentioned the fact that she just turned 17 in an earlier post...ugh. I have found it hard to relax and take it easy and also get over to my parents' house to spend time with the family... Not to mention that meals are pretty hard when they have to be pretty puréed!! I'm getting hungry and crabby watching everyone eat such good food! I got KFC Mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner tonight... Lucky me and never again!! Sounds yummy, but not! I've been trying to sleep a lot, but I wake up throughout the night needing more pain meds. Which is another topic.....

So, this surgery has made it pretty difficult to manage all my fertility testing methods. This morning I woke up at 4 in pretty bad pain, but I was sure to take my BBT and Ovacue oral readings before getting out of bed to get meds and ice for my face!! Talk about dedication!! My vaginal readings on my Ovacue are starting to decline (which indicates the ovulation is approaching)... So we started the fertility window BDing yesterday. We are finally doing something again... What a relief. It is crazy how excited I am to take my vaginal readings every night to see what they say my body is doing. Whatever I can do to pass the time! I also started reading the book "The Conception Chronicles"... It is hilarious! I feel like I am reading an excerpt from my own journey. The things they talk about thinking and doing as they began their own journey and realized that it wasn't going to be easy for them are exactly what I did and thought! I don't know why I find books like this relaxing and comforting... Maybe because it reassures me that there are a lot of women out there who struggle, but eventually succeed and that what I am feeling and going through is natural!

The next book on my list is... "Every Drunken Cheerleader, Why Not Me?".... The title says it all!

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