Monday, May 21, 2012


I haven't posted for a couple days because we've been up at the lake cabin with my family.  My sister was home from Minneapolis with her husband and my two nephews (5 and almost 2 years old).  We didn't do much, just spent some time visiting and catching up on what's going on in life!  It was nice to get away for the weekend and to get to spend some time with family.  It made the first several days of the 2ww go pretty fast. 

I started the first official week of my summer vacation and it is AWESOME!!  I'm trying to enjoy this first weeks off before I dive into the list of projects we want to get done.  Today I made some returns, stopped by the mall and picked up a Cinn-a-bon (I have no idea why), brought it home and had some orange juice, ate my cinnamon roll and watched a movie!  It was so relaxing... My hubby called and let me know he had a tee time, so we spent the afternoon on the golf course!  I loved it...  it was so much fun to spend some time together not focusing on TTC and just laughing.   

My nephew is staying with my parents for the week, so I'm heading up to the lake tomorrow afternoon to spend a couple days with my nephew and my mom while my dad goes out of town for a couple days.  I'll be heading back home on Thursday to pack some things and pick up my hubby and then we are heading back up to the lake on Thursday night so we can drive up to a lake in Minnesota to stay at a cabin with my sister and her family.... this is exactly why I don't want to get a job over the summer!  I love the flexibility and there is always something to do!!  The good thing is that all of this traveling is going to help pass this 2ww a little faster... I hope!

I've been having quite a bit of light menstrual-like cramping.... of course I fantasize that it is implantation.  I just can't help but wonder what the heck is going on in there?!?!?

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