Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wonder how the little follies are doing now??

My hubby and I have officially survived our first round of injectible meds.  The menopur injections are subcutaneous injections given once a day (in the fatty area below the belly button).  They do burn going in, but my hubby is getting pretty good at making a very quick poke.  The anticipation is actually worse than the actual shot.  The side effects of these meds are definitely more apparent than with the Femara.  I have had many headaches, fatigue, nausea, lower back aches, etc.  My appointment is at 9:15 tomorrow morning, and I'm anxious to see if/how things are progressing.  I'm hoping that at least 4 of the little follies have FINALLY grown and are ready to go with an HCG shot tomorrow.  This would be the ideal situation, but if you haven't noticed... things don't always follow the "ideal" path for us.  We like to take the long way around sometimes and if it can go wrong... it will go wrong for me!  The most I can ask for is slightly larger follicles.  Even if they aren't ready to go, I would be thrilled if they are just getting a little bigger. 

We are back to the question I asked about a week ago... how many follies will there be??

Grow little follies.... grow! 

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