Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Complete exhaustion!

I'm on the second day of the Femara and the only side effect that I've really noticed is how extremely tired it makes me - my hubby is very thankful that I'm still very pleasant!   I take it right away in the morning and by afternoon, I can barely keep my eyes open while I'm trying to do therapy with my students.  I even daydreamed about where I could take a nap today!  I couldn't get home and change into my pajamas fast enough, and I've now taken up residence on the couch and sleeping is sounding so inviting...

On Wednesdays, several speech therapists get together over lunch to touch base and collaborate.  One of the therapists is currently on maternity leave and brought her absolutely adorable daughter.  She is one of my favorite coworkers, and even though I usually I can't look at pregnant women or new babies, it was so healing to hold her little one.  It reminded me of why we are on this journey and that the end prize is absolutely priceless!  As I held her today, I couldn't help but think of our little one that I am supposed to be carrying.   We were supposed to be due June 18... it is quickly approaching and  thinking about it makes me feel completely empty.  This journey was supposed to be almost over... the baby clothes would be already be bought and washed and the nursery would be decorated.  Instead, we are back at the beginning of yet another cycle...

I'm thinking positively and visualizing the success of this month... aside from taking all the  medications and BDing... it is all I can do!

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