Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two pink lines!!

I can't believe I was out of town and couldn't get this posted sooner!  I last updated on Friday, 10dpo while I was on my way to northern Minnesota for a family vacation.  So, here is the weekend in review.........

Sunday, May 27 - 11dpo.......... My hubby and I stayed in the bunk house above the garage, and the bathroom was in the main house.  My bladder was out of control and I tried my hardest to hold it.  I woke up two times in the middle of the night and had to walk out in the middle of the rain to go back to the house to go to the bathroom.  After waking up so many times in the night, I decided to cave and take a test.  I peed on the FRER test stick, but only one line appeared.  Last time, both lines appeared at the same time, so I set it aside and washed my hands.  I picked up the stick to put it in my toiletry bag (to hide it so nobody else knew that I was testing) and I noticed that there were now 2 lines!!!!!  A BFP... FINALLY!  I think I almost fainted.  I sat back down on the toilet and stared at it for about 5 minutes before I could get myself together to leave the bathroom.  I stuck the stick in the waistband of my pants so I could take it back up to the bunk house where my hubby was still sleeping.  I left the house quickly so that everyone who was already up wouldn't talk to me.  I wouldn't have been able to hide my look of surprise!  My hubby was still sleeping, so I laid it on the pillow and asked him what time he thought the stores opened in town so we could go back and buy all the cute baby stuff!  He stared at it for a long time before he said anything.  He kind of went into panic mode and started asking how positive a positive is and talking about how nervous he is to get his hopes up.  We are both so cautious about getting too excited, but I think that is only natural after all that we have been through.  We laid there for a little while and talked before we got up for the day.  He wanted me to take another test just for good measure.  After a couple hours of holding it, I retested with a FRER and an internet cheapie... both were positive!  The internet cheapie was very light, but the line was there!  It was official, and my hubby was convinced.  We decided we were going to share our news with my family right away since we were all on vacation together... we just needed to find the right time.  Everyone started asking the plans for the day, and my hubby said that he wanted to go back into town to go to a sporting goods store and so did my dad... I was thrilled!  I think my hubby was only wanting to go so that I could buy the things I wanted!  What a sweetheart!  I got to go look at all the baby stuff again and this time I actually had a reason!  We went to Reed's first and then my mom and I went to one of the cute little boutiques.  I bought one thing for decorating a nursery... I had to play it off to my mom that I didn't know if I should buy it!  Here it is...

Then we went to the next store - my favorite!!  They had such amazing stuff.  Most of which I couldn't buy because it wasn't gender neutral, but I so badly wanted a couple things to hang on the wall and a cool maternity book.  I couldn't get myself to buy them in front of my parents without giving it away.  My dad then promised that he would drive back up to the store to buy them whenever we got pregnant (that's over a 4 hour drive)!!  Hmmm... I'll take him up on that one!!  We left the store and went to buy some candy and taffy, hit up a couple more stores and then headed back to the cabin.  The guys went golfing and the women did some fishing with the kids and I painted my sister's nails.  When the guys came back, we sat out by the bonfire... it took awhile for everyone to sit down at the same time.  My hubby then announced to my dad that he was going to have to go back to town if he was going to keep his promise to me.  Everyone was in such absolute disbelief!  It was a total 180 from the IVF talk!  My mom and dad were speechless.  My mom stared at me in disbelief and my dad got teary eyed... he couldn't even talk.  My sister and her husband were so happy for us!  Out of nowhere, my nephew and my  mom brought down a brown bag.  I opened it up and there were all of the things I wanted from the store!  My dad had already gone and bought them while we were at the candy shop!  I couldn't believe how sneaky they are.  It was such an awesome gesture that they went out of there way to be sure to get those special gifts! 


We spent the rest of the night boating, eating and celebrating!  It is so crazy, I had dreamed of this day for so many months... it is finally happening!

Throughout the day, I started getting some weird abdominal pain... like constipation and gas. UGH!  The progesterone suppositories are known for causing both because progesterone slows down your digestive track.  I didn't get any constipation from the suppositories last month, but apparrently it had greatly increased!

We went to bed that night with a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.  I woke up three times Sunday night as well.... and so it begins!

Monday, May 28 - 12dpo..........  I woke up in the morning and took another couple tests.... not sure why, but it made me feel good!  I guess I wanted to know if the internet cheapies really worked.  I got a stron positive on the FRER.  The other test strip turned positive, but it took a little longer and wasn't as dark.  The constipation and gas pain was still there and was getting worse and more annoying.  I knew I needed to increase my fiber and fluid intak, but that wasn't giving me the relief I wanted!  We cleaned up the cabin, packed up and headed back home.  The car ride wasn't bad, we stopped often to go to the bathroo, but we made it!!

I am still in disbelief.... I still don't think it has sunk in!


  1. This is the best news I've heard in a long time. Congrats!!!

  2. Thanks, Suzanne!! I am definitely routing for you this month.... that would be great news!!!

  3. Yay, Ali! The suspense was killing me...I'm glad it was worth the wait. I hope you stick around to give advice to the rest of us as we go through this together, and I hope to be not too far behind you. CONGRATS!!

    Julia (lilg_hopes from OC forum)

  4. Congrats!!! I cannot wait for that day!!! At this point I don't think I can actually get a second line on a test. This blog has helped me so much!