Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7dpo.......... Halfway there!

I made it to the halfway point... Phew. This 2ww is so long, but I'm actually feeling cautiously optimistic about this cycle. Could this really be the month for our BFP??

The rest of the 2ww should go pretty fast. I've been spending the past couple days up at the lake with my parents and my nephew. I'm heading back tomorrow to pick up my hubby and then we are heading back up here tomorrow night. We leave on Friday morning to head up to my brother-in-law's dad's cabin in northern Minnesota for the weekend. By the time we get back on Monday night, I should know the fate of this month. I could start testing as early as CD10 on Saturday, but I hate to see that BFN. Monday will be CD12, which is usually the day AF decides to show up. I didn't bring any tests and I didn't bring anything for AF, so hopefully she stays away!! I am refusing to test this month until CD14... We'll see how that works!

I just wish I had a crystal ball....

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