Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blood test confirms!!

I'm still in shock that this blog has taken such a drastic turn!

I woke up this morning still in utter agony from the constipation and gas.  I talked with the nurse and she said to increase my intake of water and fiber.... ugh.  I need something better than that!  I went in today to have my first of two blood draws and to pick up my increased dose of progesterone suppositories (now 50mg).  I got the results of my blood test back...

HCG = 244
Progesterone = 114 (very high - anything >20 is considered good)

The nurse called and was totally sympathetic with the pain and constipation I've been experiencing.  She said that my progesterone is extremely high, which would cause extreme issues with constipation, bloating and gas.  My body is likely producing enough progesterone on its own and then we are adding in the progesterone suppositories.  I can only imagine what is going to happen now that I have a double dose of progesterone.  She said that the doctor will talk with me about it when we have the first ultrasound, but to continue taking it for now.  If the constipation and gas gets too bad, then I need to give them a call and they would consider doing an enema... YIKES!!!  

Everything looks fabulous so far.  I go in for another blood test on Thursday to check HCG again.  They would expect it to double in the next 48 hours.

This is still so surreal.... am I dreaming?!?

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  1. PRUNES!!! I don't tolerate iron well (100% DV is in FertileAid and most PNVs), but I've been surviving with 2 prunes per meal (sometimes more) and LOTS of water. I totally feel like an old lady, but it has worked well! :-p For really rough times, there's stool softener (I think my SIL said there's colace included in her PNV). I've also been trying to eat lots of berries (since they're so yummy right now) and fresh fruits and veggies. Good luck! SOOOOO exciting!!