Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sprout must be growing!!

I went in this morning to get my HCG levels check again. They want them to double every 48 hours. Hmy labs this week have been...

Tuesday's HCG = 244
Thursday's HCG = 636

Yay!! Things are looking so awesome! The HCG more than doubled... It almost tripled!! It is such a good sign that little Sprout is growing. With the very high progesterone and the big increase in my HCG, it makes me wonder if there is more than one little Sprout in there?! Wen the nurse was reading through my chart in the phone, she read the HCG level and then said, "oh, you had a lot of little follies... Hmmm!" I love the nurse and we had a laugh. She said not to read too much into the numbers. My hubby is a little afraid we are going to have a litter... I think he would be relieved if there as only one or two in there! I just want one little one, but I would be ecstatic with twins. We scheduled our first gestational u/s on June 19. I will be 6weeks/4days. We would've been due on June 18 with the angel baby I miscarried in November. I know that it will be an emotional week, so I hope it will bring us something to celebrate!! It is absolutely crazy to think back on all of the ups and downs throughout the last 9 months... Ugh. I am so happy that we are finally getting some good news. I am doing my best to stay positive, but I am very nervous! I guess that is normal and the beginning of all the worrying I will do throughout Sprout's life.

I am still not feeling well. I am so full of gas... It just sits in a bubble under my rib cage. It feels like I gorged myself at an all you can eat buffet and now I am bloated and need to burp... But I can't. I have tried prunes, prune juice, fiber cereal, fiber bars, etc. When I walk, I can feel it bubbling. I also have very sore abdominal muscles - like I have done a bunch of sit-ups... Which I didn't! I asked the nurse on Tuesday about the abdominal muscle soreness and the bloating, gas, constipation... All normal! If it is this uncomfortable again tomorrow, I'm going to have to call and talk to someone about it to see what they suggest. I know pregnancy isn't always comfortable, but there has to be something I can take to relieve it. I am loving every minute of being pregnant, and am so absolutely thrilled. I would be in pain like this for 9months if I had to!

And so the waiting stop June 19!!

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