Friday, May 25, 2012

9dpo.......... Pregnancy symptoms or all in my head??

We are in the middle of our rode trip to northern about a trip with the Griswold's!! There are 4 adults, a 5 year old, a yorkie-poo and all our stuff packed tightly into our SUV. It is ridiculous how much stuff we have... We even have a hitch hauler for my nephew's bike and the overflow luggage. The guys sacrificed their stuff and strapped their bags to the back of the vehicle... We are crossing our fingers they are still there when we stop!!

The ride is going fine... We just stopped to eat lunch and nothing sounded good. My stomach has been feeling kind of queasy the whole ride and I am exhausted and emotional. I'm trying not to read into it too much because I sometimes feel like I can talk myself into thinking I'm pregnant.

This 2ww business is so cruel... There is a ton riding on this cycle. It signals the end of any hopes of conceiving without any major interventions and the beginning of our IVF journey and making babies in a petri dish! Such a weird concept!

We are almost there... only 3 days left and I am so nervous.....


  1. It is a cruel wait... I have to wait til next Fri to do a blood test :)


  2. Keep me posted on how it goes!! I will be anxiously awaiting! Crossing my fingers for you...