Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wait and see.......

I had my CD10 u/s today to check the progress of my follicles and I'm having some major mixed emotions about how it went...

I have four follicles that are all 11-12mm on the rights side and three 11mm follicles on the left!!!  Count that... that is 7 follicles!  I was so relieved to see multiple follicles, but disappointed that none of them are mature yet.  Because my last natural cycle (#12) was incredibly short, they had me come in a couple days earlier than normal in order to make sure I didn't ovualte on my own.  So... for CD10, 11-12mm is ok (not great, but OK).  I was told to let them mature a couple more days on their own and then to come in on CD12 for another u/s.  GRRR....  Another waiting game.  Hopefully 3-4 of them will continue to mature on their own.  If they don't mature enough on their own, then he wants to do a couple days of injections prior to the HCG shot in order to help them mature a little further... UGH.  The other issue is that my uterine lining is a little thin... DUH... I was spotting forever!!  The lining should grow as the follicles continue to grow, and if it isn't thick enough on Thursday then the injectibles will help this grow as well.  No matter what, this month isn't wasted... there is always a back-up plan!         

Now my mind is reeling.... if we have to add injections in order to get mature follicles this month, then that means that my body isn't responding to the meds very well.  If things don't end up coming around, then it is on to injectibles (similar to IVF, but not as many).  Then I start questioning if this is the right path.  How many cycles do we do like this before we just move on.  We could do about 7-8 medicated cycles (we've already done 2) and will have spent as much as if we would've just gone through with IVF from the beginning... but we'd probably be pregnant and have our sanity intact!

I know there is a lot of good news that came from today and a lot that is just wait and see, but for some reason I'm only focused on the negatives.  Why can't things just be "normal" for us?

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