Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ovulation day... OUCH!!

Well... Ovulation with multiple follicles and enlarged ovaries is crazy painful! I've been having some pretty significant cramping for the past hour and it is right in time for ovulation... Almost exactly 36 hours after the HCG trigger shot that I got yesterday morning. I am having some painful cramping in my ovaries and lots of lower back pain. Sometimes the pain on my ovaries is pretty sharp. We were instructed to BD the night of the trigger (last night), tonight and tomorrow night. This was a little different than last months schedule so hopefully that will do the trick! We BDed tonight and I think we timed it perfectly. I wanted to BD right before ovulation occurred, and I think I started ovulating shortly after...crossing my fingers the timing was right!!

It was the last day of school today (for teachers), so I am officially done with work for the summer! This is my first summer off in 6 year because I previously worked for a school that was year round. I'm debating whether or not to get a part time job... It would be nice to have a little extra cash, but I'm hoping to be very busy next summer with a new baby (I'm apparently optimistic today), so it would be awesome to relax and enjoy the time off. I have lots on my "Honey Do" list, but I'm going to take the next week or so to just chill out and relax... So excited!!

Wonder how many ended up releasing?! I am praying that one little sperm is victorious in his journey!!!

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  1. If you want my advice, as a fellow teacher, DON'T work!! Relaxing is key at this point. If you can find a part time low stress job that would be ideal, because I understand the need for income :) It's good timing that your work has ended. I'm not done for another month. I will check in on you in a couple of days. Good luck!